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In keeping with our collective values and appreciation for inclusivity, respect and diversity, the celebration of Multicultural Week at York has just concluded. This event has been celebrated at York University for several years.

Unfortunately, it was reported to York Security last night that a flag was defaced in the Student Centre. York University is unwavering: this type of conduct is unacceptable, is contrary to our values and will not be tolerated. Toronto Police Service was immediately contacted and we are currently supporting their investigation.

York is a place that values freedom of expression, open dialogue, and peaceful discussion. All members of our community -- students, faculty and staff -- have the right to express their views and to test and challenge ideas, provided they do so within the law and in a peaceful and non-threatening manner. This is in accordance with our expected conduct of civility and tolerance. We will take necessary steps to ensure a safe learning and working environment for all.

Any concerns regarding discrimination, harassment or hate speech can be addressed through our Centre for Human Rights.

Rhonda Lenton
Vice President Academic

Janet Morrison
Provost Vice Provost Students