Remediation Resources

During the recent labour disruption, the Senate Executive Committee provided details of remediation measures available to students to help them complete their winter courses.

This page provides you with remediation resources to assist you with determining which may be applicable to your needs.

We strongly advise you check Senate guidelines available on the Secretariat website that provide you with information regarding completion of your courses.

Course Grade Assessment Request

Depending on your circumstances (i.e. applying to graduate in June 2015, visa expiration, non-refundable travel arrangements, etc.), you may be eligible for a assessment of your final grade. Your assessed grade would be based on work you have completed to date, provided that it comprises at least 50 per cent of the course grade in the original syllabus. To submit your request for a course grade assessment click on the button below. The deadline to submit requests is April 24, 2015.

Note: You may be required to provide supporting documentation.

Important Dates

Due to the labour disruption, the sessional dates have changed. To check the updated dates, go to:

Examination Session

The official final examination session for the winter term has been divided into two periods:

  • April 19-28, 2015 for courses that resumed prior to April 1, 2015. The schedule is posted at the Exam Schedule website.
  • May 13-17, 2015 for courses that resumed on or after April 1, 2015. The schedule for these courses is being prepared and will be posted as soon as possible.

Alternate Exams

Accommodations for in-class exams and tests are rescheduled according to the revised academic dates. Please visit the Alternate Exam/Test Scheduling page for more information. You may need to complete a form to provide revised in-class test or exam dates.

Pass/Fail Grading

The option of electing a pass/fail grade assessment can be selected up to the new last day to withdraw (check the updated Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Sessional Dates for details). Consider this option with care because it may have a negative impact on applications to graduate and professional programs.

Deferred Standing

If you wish to write a formal exam at a different time or submit outstanding term work past the posted deadline, you must submit a formal request for deferred standing.

Last Day to Withdraw without a Grade

If you want to withdraw from your courses, go to the Registration and Enrolment System (REM). You will not receive a final grade if you drop your courses by:

  • April 17, 2015 - for courses resumed prior to April 1;
  • May 12, 2015 - for courses resumed on or after April 1. (Please use button below.)

Graduation and Convocation

If you are in the last term of your program and expect to graduate, you must apply to graduate.

June 2015 Convocation will be held as scheduled, from Friday, June 12 to Saturday, June 20. For details, please visit the York Convocation website.

Academic and Financial Petitions

To submit a written request for the waiver of a Faculty's academic regulation or financial deadline, visit:

Wellness Support Plan

We have created a general Wellness Support Plan for students during the remediation period associated with the recent labour disruption, and we encourage you to read through it in its entirety. The following topics are covered:

  • Personal Counselling and Learning Skills Services
  • Group Information and Support Sessions
  • Crisis/Emergency Resources
  • Additional Support Resources/Referrals
  • Information about Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
  • Assignment Extensions & Exam Deferrals (for the general student population)
  • Career Support

Faculty Contact Information

If you have any other questions regarding your academic accommodation, please contact your Faculty's Office of the Dean: